Site builder – build websites the easily

Traditional website production

When building a website from the ground up, it takes some work. One must first determine the appearance of the website, such as colors and fonts, and perhaps also design a logo. When the look is complete, you can then build the website’s code, which is done in the HTML and CSS scripting languages. You can also use other technologies such as React or .NET. Images and content must also be posted on the website. Last of all, the website needs to be tested on different mobiles and computers, and any errors are corrected before the website can be made available to visitors.

Website with site builder

To avoid all this work you can use a site builder instead. It is a tool with predefined elements that you can insert on the website directly. You then insert a block of content. This way you can build a website even if you have no knowledge of programming, graphic design or testing.

The elements included in a site builder may vary. But for example, in a site builder you can put text, pictures, a gallery, contact and registration forms, dividers and blog posts. You can also add buttons, for example to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. In a site builder there is often a feature where you can drag and drop elements directly into the page. Today, you can also create responsive websites with most site builder tools.

As a first step in the creation process, you can usually choose a website template with colors, fonts and images that you can then customize to match your wishes. When you finish and save the website, it is published directly on a web host. You do not need to upload files or test the website afterwards as the elements that are added to the website are guaranteed to work in most browsers.

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