Benefits of xCLOUD Systems Management Suite in Small and Medium Businesses

  • Cloud Systems Management

    Know what assets are owned, and where they are located
    Current hardware inventory configurations of desktops that run business operations
    Software inventory, what is installed on each desktop
    Package Software, Push Software to multiple systems at once
    Deploy software remotely and silently, as well as update installed software
    Schedule tasks or deployments at various time to remote desktops
    Remote control desktops and provide support for users
    Start and stop services or processes, transfer files, chat on remote systems

  • Cloud Service Management Incident Management

    Give users simple WebDesk to access end-user-portal requests for help
    User can self-service log a request for assistance or help with an issue
    Users get notifications of updates, notes and resolutions to the raised problem
    All incidents are logged and available in the reports console

  • Cloud Service Management Change Management

    change calendar
    Changes to major impacted assets or services can be requested and scheduled
    Changes go through an approval process including documented implementation
    processes and back-out plans if required, approvals can be handled via WebDesk portal

    Changes once approved can be added to the Change Schedule Calendar
    Change requestor and implementer are notified through the Change process
    All Changes are logged and audited in the reports console

  • Cloud Service Management Request Management

    Users may request new catalog items based on their departments or groups: Devices, Software, Services, Equipment, etc. via Web-Desk
    Requests may require approvals for some items ($), or elect not to require approvals (free) if desired
    Users are updated on the status of requests and their fulfillment
    All requests are logged and audited in the reports console

  • Cloud Patch Management

    Windows Desktops are evaluate for MS patches, current vulnerabilities
    Patch detection is reported to the xCLOUD Systems Management Suite console for reporting
    Patch detection and remediation are logged in the reporting console
    Patch remediation is available as 2 methods:
    Auto-Patch: Set detection method to automatically apply fix upon detection
    Scheduled Patch Task: Schedule fix as certain date/time

  • Image Deployment and Capture (Disk Cloning)

    Capture and deploy disk images to Windows systems
    Clone Desktop Systems for rapid deployment
    PXE Boot network Imaging, with an option for Cloud Imaging
    Easily configure and present multiple PXE Menus based on Imaging location or requirements