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Too Many IT Tools for Systems & Service Management

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Small and Medium Businesses have many of the same challenges that larger enterprise organizations have, this has always been the case. There are computers, IT assets, users and all the normal operational requirements that go along with running a business using today’s technology and business software. What they do not have are the same resources as far as IT personnel, the budgets, or the Enterprise Agreements (EAs) that the big guys have.
Unfortunately, mainly because of budget constraints (or almost non-existent IT budgets) many small and medium businesses resort to building a disorganized array of silo-ed tools in order to try and make ends meet while supporting their systems and users. These tools generally are inexpensive or free, and server a few functions well – but lack the broader ability to cover the essential core IT support requirements. So more tools are then acquired to fill the gap.
Eventually there becomes a ‘sea of tools’ available to choose from, but no standardized process or integrated solution to cover the core IT support requirements. The result becomes a pattern of having no best practices in place for handling IT problems as they arise, even though they may be similar in nature. Even though many of these separate tools provide some value on their own, they may become irrelevant or end up not being used to their fullest capacity (read shelf-ware) due to their lack of integration with other essential IT tools.
xCLOUD Systems Management Suite simplifies the complexity of supporting users and managing systems by unifying the core tools required to effectively manage small and medium business systems into a single view – a one stop location that provides a single pane of glass as a window into your entire IT support endeavors.


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