Benefits of Software Deployment for Mac & Windows

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Providing system support is something that is one of the most crucial parts of any IT business and methods to improve its delivery have been developed for many years now. While there was a time when updates and new software components used to be installed manually using floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, all that has become a thing of the past with xCLOUD Systems Management Suite. Businesses have transitioned into the era of portability and internet has played a very vital role in enabling that. Now, with xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, software gets installed and updated without the user even knowing that it is happening. With every computer and user connected to the cloud, there is no longer a need to physically go to every machine and install or update new software one by one. Not only has it all become automated and globally accessible, it is also very discreet and streamlined for maximum optimal performance. The benefits that IT businesses can have in terms of cost and efficient management of the systems are tremendous. Understanding these benefits can really help you in seeing how you can use xCLOUD Systems Management Suite to make your business’s software deployment and updating efficient and controlled.

Unlimited Scope

The primary objective of using a system like xCLOUD Systems Management Suite is to have a global reach. This means that the central system that is responsible for deploying new software or updating the existing one should be able to communicate with every computer that is connected to it at a system level. In other words, Software Deployment allows the central system to easily connect to any computer in the network and install the needed software without any need of physical intervention. While you are sitting at your home or in your chair at the office, the system automatically brings all the software changes in every computer automatically. This saves you time and also money because it is much more efficient than installing updates and new software manually.

The silent approach

To be able to work in an environment that is streamlined for efficiency, it is important that you don’t run into any hurdles. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite Software Deployment is designed to ensure exactly that. Since traditional installation and updating methods need to take over the systems, it means that the computer gets busy with the installation process and work gets halted. This can waste a lot of time and therefore cost the company a lot of money. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite Software Deployment acts in the background and nothing gets disrupted. As every user is busy using their computer for their work, the system deploys the new software or update in a discreet manner and it gets installed automatically without the need for manual support.

Global Access

With the xCLOUD Systems Management Suite being a cloud based solution, it is possible for the company to deploy new software or update existing products on every machine that is connected to the cloud automatically, no matter where it is in the world. Whether it is in your local coffee parlor or a thousand miles away from home, you never lose sight of your IT assets with xCLOUD Systems Management Suite.


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