Benefits of Request Management

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Benefits of Request Management for Small and Medium Businesses with xCLOUD Service Management

Self service is well promoted and made more beneficial via request management. Request management is also referred to as service catalog. When properly implemented, it helps a great deal to save cost off customer services. This is one idea every goal-oriented organization should invest in. It is beneficial for all business owners; irrespective of how big or small such a business is. Via proper request management, the organization can make request for issues like application access, new laptops, password reset, etc without parting with extra cost.   The organization can equally access status of their previous requests without having to contact help desk before same can be done.

Clear benefits of request management

The time needed to deliver technical services is drastically reduced via request management; same for the cost of such delivery. Experienced obtained by the end user is also improved.  If the truth must be told, the great benefits of request management is far from being limited to the IT service providers alone; it is applicable in all fields and at all levels of human endeavor.  If properly implemented, the request management can integrate the shared services groups of the company; ranging from facilities and finance to Human relation and so on.  Request management equally helps to provide the employees in the organization with an all-in-one and unarguably intuitive interface to help them make request for any enterprise services.  The cost of savings is also extended via request management.

Self help is facilitated

With properly implemented request management, the organization is able to fast track and make more effective, its self help facilities. As a result, the organization is able to reduce cost on support and service to clients. Money-saving is not the only beneficial outcome of self help; the organization can quicken the rate of issue resolution and therefore keep their customer happy all the more.  User experience is also enhanced a great deal.  When the request management is properly implemented, the business user will be able to log their incidents and also have straight info on how the incidents have progressed. With a properly implemented request management, the user should be able to access the status of all types of service request right there online.  Cost saving is just one of the many benefits.

Request management is centralized

One of the major benefits of proper request management is one-stop shopping; especially for the end user.  The end user can make request services from several departments at the same time like facilities, IT, finance and so on without having to use separate  system or learning different methods of getting things done.  Proper implementation of the request management and its centralization helps a lot to simplify end user’s experience. The users do not want to bother in the least as regards whatever the company implements to make things work; all they care about is to see things working according to their expectation. As long as their requests are fulfilled, the rest is history.

Improved business process

Properly implemented request management will inadvertently support IT governance in the organization. Due to improvement in business process established via request management, there is increase in return on investment. The improvement will go a step further by enhancing the way assets enters or leaves the organization. Introduction of request management helps the organization to properly monitor its activities and document them for future reference. With proper request management, business growth is undoubtedly in view. Request management can equally help to appropriately map business capability. Request management makes the organization think outside the box to create innovations that delight customers both internally and externally.  The organization will be able to look closely at current processes to bring about a better design towards attainment of customer   satisfaction.

Improvement in efficiency

With properly implemented request management, the organization will be able to provide more visibility right into the company’s value chain. The request management should be an integrated and automated IT processes for it to be more functional. Its functionality should never be limited to just accessible front end mechanism. When properly implemented, the request management team will have an easy job of requesting, reporting, managing and monitoring every aspect of the business. A value chain is set off from the end user by request management and this can be easily tracked in the organization.  With proper integration of the request management, there will be accurate reporting and accurate costing of the company’s activities. Such costing can be easily based on qualitative and quantitative metrics. There will also be continuous process improvement till a reasonable level of perfection is attained.

Reduction in service cost

Proper request management as hinted earlier, helps to reduce service cost and improves on return on investment. Due to the recent increase in mobile workforce, help ticket is on the increase the world over.  Request management can be brought in to help in receiving and managing the help tickets towards a reduction in servicer support team cost.




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