Benefits of Computer Inventory and IT Asset Management for Mac & Windows

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Small & Medium Businesses that rely on Information Technology, Computers and Supporting Users for their day to day operations are well aware of the importance of having proper inventory, management and control over their systems. This extended systems management is what enables support personnel to not only make sure that all IT Assets are being used efficiently, but also make sure that all users are using their systems with standardized configurations, software and updates with minimum downtime. Implementing xCLOUD Systems Management Suite into your environment enables you to perform all necessary day to day IT Asset Management requirements with ease and efficiency. Available to support both Macintosh and Windows in a single pane of glass, our unique Management Suite truly brings Centralized Systems Management to Small and Medium Businesses where they were missing solutions to accomplish these necessary IT tasks beforehand. The result? IT operations immediately begin saving time and money by leveraging features like remote control, software distribution, task scheduling & automation, user support and with the increased efficiency systems become more productive and encounter less downtime. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite also brings a better understanding of how your IT assets are deployed and how they are being used, no matter where they are, even in the Cloud

Tracking your IT Assets

Having detailed and up to date information on business IT assets is extremely important to keep the overall IT health of the business in check and running with minimum complications. With the implementation of xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, you can easily gain access to asset inventory data in real time, at all times. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite will provide you with essential details regarding each of your systems, wherever they are located. Information such as who is using each desktop or laptop, where it located, what software has been installed, what level of access it has been given and real time information about what the computer is actually being used for. This level of information can help you in properly appraising the efficiency of each system and its user, as well as offering much better, comprehensive support for systems no matter where they are located.

Complete Access and information

The xCLOUD Systems Management Suite can also be used for gathering detailed configuration information about systems, giving insight into hardware configuration issues, software errors, problem trending and vulnerabilities that may be exposed. Whether you want to see how a particular machine is configured and in use with your overall environment or you wish to track all changes that have occurred in terms of both hardware and software, this information is accessible anytime via xCLOUD Systems Management Suite. Additionally, you can also get complete information about the software, versions and usage on any system in your office or at remote locations as well as what installations are across your environment.

Real time system & user information

xCLOUD Systems Management Suite is connected all mobile and desktop computers in local offices or while travelling, so real time information about where each system is located and the user of the asset is always available via the Cloud. This detailed on-the-go level of information can assist in keeping up with any system from practically anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. With the level of access and detailed information that is provided by using xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, it is possible to be in complete control of your IT Business Assets while ensuring resources and are being used efficiently.


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