Desktop Management & Support Simplified: Manage All your Computers & Users, Anywhere

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Discovery, Remote Desktop, Inventory Management, Software Deployment, Desktop Imaging and Deployment, Patch Remediation and Service Management… Even in the Cloud

xCLOUD Systems Management Suite brings small and medium business the same type of powerful, Integrated Systems Management Tools that have traditionally been reserved for larger corporations and their budgets FOR FREE. Manage, Support and Secure your IT assets no matter where they are with Systems, Service and Security Management using xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, designed with Small & Medium businesses in mind.
xCLOUD Systems & Service Management

Systems and Service Management: Integrated into a Single View 

When your users needs assistance they can easily reach out for help with xCLOUD Service Management. Incident Management, Change Management and Request Management are one click away and tightly integrated into the Systems Management Suite, providing support on both fronts no matter where they are located, Even in the Cloud
Need to Remote Control the desktop, Push Software installations or Patch the operating system? Complete Systems Management is integrated right into the same view, so there is no need to go to another tool-set or change to another console.

Systems Management: Fully manage, support & secure your desktops, laptops & servers, no matter where they are… Even in the Cloud. Small & Medium Businesses that rely on Information Technology, Computers and Supporting Users for their day to day operations are well aware of the importance of having proper inventory, management and control over their systems. This extended systems management is what enables support personnel to not only make sure that all IT Assets are being used efficiently, but also make sure that all users are using their systems with standardized configurations, software and updates with minimum downtime. Implementing xCLOUD Systems Management Suite into your environment enables you to perform all necessary day to day IT Asset Management requirements with ease and efficiency.

Service Management: Provide complete Service Management to all of your users & resolve issues as they arise. In general, Service Management has close association with user problems, hardware and software malfunctioning. It can be also mean an event that is not part of the standard operating procedure, which may lead to interruption of service or some reduction in quality of service and even loss of profits if not remedied quickly. Service requests like changing information access, new license request and so on can be seen as incident requests, since they can slow down operational pace or even halt service provision. xCLOUD Service Management affords a central location for supporting your users incidents and quickly resolving those issues, even in the Cloud.

Built-In CLOUD Self-Service Request Web Portal
Give all of your users instant access to a fully provisioned Self Service Request Catalog. Make available services, hardware, software and any other IT or non-IT items you’d like to make available for all of your end users. Laptops, desktops, display tables, software or any other catalog items you’d like to make available can be easily obtained by end users… Require approval levels for certain items or go straight to fulfillment for general offerings, while giving feed back to the status of the request and approval process.

Built-In CLOUD Service Management Help Desk Web Portal
Give all of your users instant access to a fully integrated Help Desk Services. Any user can easily access the CLOUD Web-Portal to get help with any issue INSTANTLY. Each Help Desk Ticket is logged and tracked with Reporting. No waiting or delays with the Integrated Help Desk module – End users can ask for help with any problem and get resolution in minutes thanks to the tightly integrated Systems Management and Remote Desktop modules.

  • Tracking your IT Assets

    Having detailed and up to date information on business IT assets is extremely important to keep the overall IT health of the business in check and running with minimum complications. With the implementation of xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, you can easily gain access to asset inventory data in real time, at all times. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite will provide you with essential details regarding each of your systems, wherever they are located, even in the Cloud.. Information such as who is using each desktop or laptop, where it located, what software has been installed, what level of access it has been given and real time information about what the computer is actually being used for. This level of information can help you in properly appraising the efficiency of each system and its user, as well as offering much better, comprehensive support for systems no matter where they are located.

  • Real time system & user information

    xCLOUD Systems Management Suite is connected all mobile and desktop computers in local offices or while travelling, so real time information about where each system is located and the user of the asset is always available via the Cloud. This detailed on-the-go level of information can assist in keeping up with any system from practically anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. With the level of access and detailed information that is provided by using xCLOUD Systems Management Suite, it is possible to be in complete control of your IT Business Assets while ensuring resources and are being used efficiently.

  • Unlimited Scope

    The primary objective of using a system like xCLOUD Systems Management Suite is to have a global reach while managing your IT Assets. This means that the central system that is responsible for deploying new software or updating the existing one should be able to communicate with every computer that is connected to it at a system level. In other words, Software Deployment allows xCLOUD Systems to easily connect to any computer, even in the Cloud and install the needed software without any need of physical intervention. While you are sitting at your home or in your chair at the office, the system automatically brings all the software changes in every computer automatically. This saves you time and money because it is much more efficient than installing updates and new software manually.

  • Gain Control

    IT Asset Management and User Support has become increasingly more challenging for small and medium business as their technology needs progress. xCLOUD Systems Management Suite provides heterogeneous PC Life Cycle management across Windows and Mac systems, and enables comprehensive software asset management to simplify ongoing maintenance by combining software packaging and delivery in a network efficient process, even in the cloud where users are off site

    Cloud Remote Desktop, Disk Cloning and Imaging, Software Deployment, Desktop Inventory, Systems Management, Scheduling Tasks – There is no need to visit a user or site location in person to deploy, manage or support your users with xCLOUD Systems Management Suite.

  • Manage Effectively

    xCLOUD Systems Management Suite enables companies to become more agile and flexible in managing systems while improving IT efficiency. By leveraging the comprehensive Computer Inventory Management module in the Suite, Desktop Support and IT Help Desk technicians are able to support many systems at once from a centralized console, making support much easier and efficient.

    Upgrade Operating Systems, Clone Desktops and Provision with Disk Imaging, Deploy Software, offer Remote Desktop Assistance, Patch Systems and Implement Upgrades quickly and easily without disrupting users, whether on site or off network.

    Push Software to any computer Silently or Interactive, Start & Stop Services and Processes, Remote Control and completely manage users.

  • Even in the Cloud

    The ability to track Computer Inventory and provide remote support, keep IT Assets current, Install or Update Software and offer Remote Control assistance have always been a great benefit in helping manage Desktops and Laptops.

    xCLOUD Systems Management Suite extends that benefit beyond your office locations, offering persistent support and management even when users are traveling, at home offices or simply cannot connect through VPN. Return On Investment is realized very quickly when managing systems via the cloud, offering Remote Control assistance and remotely Deploying or Updating Software. Try xCLOUD Systems Management Suite today, with your own desktops and laptops to see how simple it can be to manage your IT assets, Even in the Cloud. You could be managing your fist systems in 15 minutes.

xCLOUD Service Management

Incident Management: Support your users anywhere, anytime they need help. Instant end-user access via web portal, cloud enabled Help Desk. Incident Management is the central process of the supporting efforts that make up the Service Desk model. The Incident Management process is responsible for resolving user problems; routing unresolved incidents to the appropriate group, and ensuring other service requests or changes are resolved by the correct IT department.

Change Management : Submit, approve, schedule and complete changes. Gain control of your assets & services while minimizing chaos. Change needs to be planned well and managed well for it to be effective. Before such changes are even implemented, their possible impact should be well documented. xCLOUD can serve as the centralized Change Management solution for those involved and also serve as point of reference to assess progress of such changes.

Request Management: Open a fully provisioned self-service catalog where users may request new items, and get approvals (when required) for fulfillment. The end user can make request services from several departments at the same time like facilities, IT, finance and so on without having to use different systems. Request Management and its centralization helps to simplify end user’s experience in getting what they need to perform their work, even in the Cloud.

xCLOUD Systems Management

Inventory & Asset ManagementKeep track of all IT Assets and who is using them, no matter where they are located with xCLOUD Systems Management. Up to 85% of organizations with system management have reported improvement on external benefits like higher customer demands and better perceived quality due to properly implemented system management. Up to 95% positive reports were recorded as regards internal benefits, which include reduced scrap expense, higher operational efficiency and employee awareness. According to Center for Industrials Research and Services (CIRAS) News, Iowa State University, Systems Management is one of the most promising methods utilizable for quality cost reduction in any IT organization.

Configuration & Software Management: Configure systems, Deploy and Push Software, Remote Control and support users with xCLOUD Systems Management. One of the major benefits of proper request management is one-stop shopping; especially for the end user. The end user can make request services from several departments at the same time like facilities, IT, finance and so on without having to use separate system or learning different methods of getting things done. Implementation of xCLOUD Systems makes request management and its centralization easy to use and simplifies the end user’s experience.

Patch ManagementDetect system vulnerabilities and deploy patches to OS and Software to keep systems up to date & secure.
With xCLOUD Patch Management, the organization can protect their hardware and software from any malicious attack that, if allowed to prevail, can compromise network infrastructure and its integrity very severely. The administrators will require time to finally pick out and correct any vulnerability that can expose the system to malicious attack. With xCLOUD automated patch management, the organization is able to automate such vulnerability remediation and equally prevent any attack that may occur in the future from vectors like malware and spyware. There will be improvement in productivity since time spent on patch management implementation is drastically reduced.

Image & Operating System Management: Create Disk Images and deploy Operating Systems remotely, upgrade to Windows 8 or more. xCLOUD Systems OS Deployment simplifies the installation of operating systems, software, and applications. You can use xCLOUD Systems OS Deployment network Image or deploy through a Cloud Share, capture operating system images, and remotely manage and monitor multi-site deployments.



xCLOUD ASSETCore brings full Asset Management and Barcode Scanning to your mobile device.


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You’ll never look at Assets the same way again!

xCLOUD AssetCore is a comprehensive Barcode Scanning + Reading + Label Printing Asset & Inventory Management solution in an easy to use app. Easy pricing, one flat fee with NO per-Asset charges, ever. Ready to use upon download to begin scanning barcode asset tags, inventory and any other asset or supporting resource that is important to track. Scan a barcode, add some important information such as location, model, cost or any other useful data, then immediately print a new barcode label that combines all of the information into a single, ready to use asset tag, all from your iPhone. There are no per asset charges when using AssetCore, everything is included and you may track as many assets or inventory items as desired.

Know and understand the life-cycle of all your inventory and assets, from ordered, to received, allocated… all the way to disposal if desired. Never lose sight of important inventory or assets with mobile reports and dashboards to provide complete visibility into the state of your asset & inventory environment. Become an Asset Management Expert with in-app access our “AssetCore Corner” tips and tricks, recommendations and how-to blog from folks that have been tracking assets for 20+ years.

Easily create profiles for different asset types or classifications of inventory and configure extra information that is important to collect for the assets, such as location, model #, asset owner, cost centers and more.. The decision is yours, and can be updated or changed at any time with a simple, user friendly mobile portal.

Automatically track and locate Asset & Inventory with an integrated RFID module as an optional service and hardware package. Watch as asset reports and dashboards update automatically as the items move from location to location, checking in simply by passing through the RFID reader areas. Get notifications as assets arrive and depart locations, or receive alerts if they go missing for a period of time, all from an automated, integrated RFID system keeping a watchful eye on all of your important inventory.

There are no servers, databases, connectors or other service engagements required to take advantage of the scanning & asset tracking solution, just download, login and start scanning, printing barcodes if desired and see real-time reports and dashboards on your environment.

xCLOUD AssetCore



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